YeDong Huang:The Next Turning Point of Telemedicine, Comprehensive Shift the Vaule, Feeling and Scan

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June 11, 2015, by the Zero2IPO Group, the investment community sponsored by the "Fifth China Medical and Health Industry Investment and M & A Conference" was held in Shanghai. Xi'an Ying AccuRad Network & Technology Co. Ltd. co-founder YeDong Huang shared the practice of telemedicine, and pointed out that telemedicine has come to the transition stage.

The following is a lecture:

Hello,everyone!I am a entrepreneur, actually I have to do image solution after telemedicine. For this opportunity I want to share with a next revolution in telemedicine.

What do you think of telemedicine. This picture was launched by American Science Magazine in 1924. After a year, the television was invented. People can image what is telemedicine before television invented, include cardiopathy, X-radio and so on.

From telecommunication to Internet, to influence every in a large degree, which realized the interact with people and people. In addition, from examine to perceptions, it is a simple sensor in the past. But in today, it can attain more physiology single and from imitate to digital or information. Digitization is the first step for informatization, and the next informatization become Internet. Also has information exhibition to analyze and decided, this is a commercial intelligence or artificial intelligence era, all this information can be analysis. Another point, from stable to flexible. The mobile in that era, I believed that nobody think of mobile. So we decide from stable to flexible.

Mobile Internet and communication was become more common and achieve a progress. May be we always to ignore the delay-time when used Wechat. However, the internet is a significant index for us. Currently, the Internet delay-time is about 0.1 second that we frequently to say the blink of eye. It means that the transmission of information can attain the blink eye in the Internet covered area. What is to provide a basic Internet environment for healthcare.

    There are also have two points in the whole boardband. Firstly, it is significant that fiber-optical and 4G Internet that cover about 95% people. If we didn't have this advantage and the telemedicine can not service for minority of people. In the past I have participated lots of meeting about telemedicine. Basically, China need telemedicine because of the huge gap in Middle and West healthcare. If we  want to achieve telemedicine the premise is to realized the Internet cover and this is a true nowadays.

The above mentioned are officially and people has prone to testify them for speed what can test anywhere. From this point of view that the distant diagnosis is not far from us. No matter from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, from China to the continent is actually up to 0.2 seconds, look at the whole of China is only need 0.05 seconds. Further to look at a city, it may be less than 20 milliseconds. So based on the network in terms of we have achieved the end of the world if the experience of neighbors.

This picture is about the relationship between information and health care. I would like to express the meaning of when we gradually go to the outer ring, this person's current state from the hospital farther, more to the circle from the hospital closer. Regardless of the medical experience, registration and other aspects, the hospital and doctors have some interaction from the hospital outside the wall. On the other hand, the most inside is the core medical services, I define the core of medical services is the wall of the hospital or medical institutions.

I really want to express the telemedicine talk about the remote medical treatment the core of the medical service, which is also the country with special emphasis on. We are talking about the telemedicine has no difference in the remote medical treatment in hospital and outside of hospital and also no distance difference. Only you are the doctors or you provide services in a hospital in addition, we defined the service with our hospital as short-range service, inter hospital service as remote service.

The process of medical services is largely a process of information, inter-hospital collaboration is the sharing of information. I personally think that this model can not solve the problem of people suffering from medical treatment, may be a VIP service in the future, or more of a formalist telemedicine. Meanwhile can not prevent medical treatment, medical problems, or the flattening of the entire resource brings about a fundamental change. From the patient to primary hospital, there are some several levels are concerned about the medical, I think it is polarized telemedicine. Today, if mentioned remote medical care, people always think about that some hospital in Beijing or some hospital in Shanghai that every one knows hospitals. But we must to think what big hospital is doing? Are they doing telemedicine? No. This bipolar structure, its symbolic significance is greater than the practical significance. So the current situation is put into the cost, income, especially the degree of activity, efficiency and the impact of the whole society, we found that there is a problem.

How to breakthrough? We think telemedicine should come to a transition stage. Last several days, everyone, any industry, and any enterprise try their best to achieving it. There is so many years of remote medical treatment inside the first platform, there is a remote medical value, in addition very exquisite medical experience and scene. What is this platform? It is the Internet platform, doctor collaboration platform, a platform for the exchange experience. About 21% (about 500000) senior doctors contracted with third party platform. To break polarized, absolutely polarization, flattening, multiple level collaboration platform, normalized collaboration platform, SaaS type, the high degree of matching specialist, medical and social public platform.

About Value: Let symmetry and super symmetric healthecare information produce decision-making medical collaboration services.

If have no medical collaboration data symmetry, processing and analysis of symmetry, time-point symmetry, symmetry of the scene, we do telemedicine and all about thing in vain. Or the value is discounted. No decision of the medical cooperation, we say that the value of this collaboration to kickbacks.

Experience: simple, quick, enjoy, whole. Both ends of the collaboration, convenient, information access, application processing fast, sensuous terminal applications, all-round collaboration tool, and make you without regret.

Scene: full-court medical collaboration can meet in any medical collaboration under the network environment; to meet the symmetry at the end of the unified medical cooperation; support BYOD medical collaboration; accompany with the doctor - not move for move, but can not move. They will always stayed with you, let the expert debris and spare time to produce medical decision-making value of cooperation.

We hope that the future of the transfer method is like this. From the telemedicine there are pain points, itching point and crazy point. If all can not be resolved, our application were no viscosity. I have a technical belief that the internet changes medicine. The Internet must provide a great opportunity for future medical care especially core medical services. There is a book, foreseeable to meet, we have a good vision for the future, this vision is that you can not think and reach, so only foresee can bring meet, thank you. (Source: Investment Community)

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